Image Gallery

  • Figure 1: ASD Closure in a Patient with RV and LV Dysfunction and Mitral Stenosis
  • Figure 1: Summary of the Cardiac Effects of Lightning Strikes
  • Figure 6: Posterior–anterior View of Epicardial Bipolar Voltage Map (left) Showing Extensive Epicardial Scar. Posterior–anterior View of ECG–I Map (CardioInsight system, Medtronic) Showing Site of Earliest Activation (Earliest White) of Ventricular Tachyc
  • Figure 5: High-resolution Mapping of Sustained Monomorphic VT (right) and Electrograms from the Roving Catheter (left)
  • Figure 4: Orion Basket Catheter Used with the RHYTHMIA System, Containing 64×0.4 mm 2 Electrodes with 2.5 mm Centre-to-centre Spacing to Enable Higher-resolution Mapping
  • Figure 3: Wideband Cardiac MRI Showing Inferolateral Scar (left). Image on the Right is Prior to Application of Wideband Technology to Remove the Artefact Caused by the ICD Generator
  • Figure 2: Bipolar Voltage of Epicardial Substrate in Patient with ARVC in LAO Projection
  • Figure 1: Example of Concealed Entrainment from the Middle of the VT Isthmus in a Patient with IHD
  • Table 1: Major Clinical Trials in VT Ablation
  • Table 1: Overview of Large Prospective and Retrospective Registries for Transvenous Lead Extraction Conducted Over the Last Two Decades
  • Table 1: Overview of Retrieval Data of Leadless Pacemaker Therapy
  • Figure 2: Retrieval of Leadless Pacemakers